Choose Wisely Mr. Cameron

Yesterday Britain’s Prime Minister announced that he has asked security forces to consider a way to limit the public’s use of social media sites as a way to curb or prevent rioting, looting and other thuggery. As soon as I heard this news I was at first shocked that a member country of the free… Read more about Choose Wisely Mr. Cameron

Giving Pause in Google + (or anywhere)

While doing research writing policies for my former employer, I ran across Intel’s social media policy. To this day the one line that still sticks with me is “if it gives you pause, pause” meaning that if anything makes you stop and think maybe it should not be shared on the web or wise counsel… Read more about Giving Pause in Google + (or anywhere)

Strange behaviors of crowds: a cautionary tale

You have all seen it. A mediocre action or statement that someone of influence makes and the crowd repeats it. The current nature of the web and mobile technology has made this an amplified occurrence. The last one I witnessed was just a week ago. It was so bad that I also saw many people call it out for what it was. The statement was neither unique or helpful.

I first started evaluating my own actions like this at a conference last year. I was getting ….